• LEADER - Call for Proposals 1st October 2021

    From 1st October 2021 till 15th October 2021 project proposals may be presented for the following submeasures:

  • Änderungen zum LEP und Finanzplan offiziell genehmigt!

    The changes and additions of the Local Development Plan have been approved by decree of the Director of Department on the 08/10/2021. The current and approved version of the Local Development Plan can be found under "Downloads" and with the following link:


  • Newsletter 3/2021

    Who wants to know more? Here you'll find our newsletter (available only in German).

  • Änderungen LEP durch das Projektauswahlgremium genehmigt

    The project selection committee has approved amendments to the Local Development Plan (LEP) for the Pustertal.

  • Changes LDP Pustertal from 26.08.2021

    In the context of the two-year extension of the LEADER programme period, the financial resources were increased. Therefore, the association board of the LAG Pustertal has made adjustments and changes to the Local Development Plan.

The "Local Action Group Pustertal" is an integral part of the local regional policy and has a positive impact on the Pustertal through the initiation of various projects. Embedded in a broad network of carriers, sponsors and partners, the association is an important engine in regional development as a platform for local, national and international encounters.