The aim of the association

The aim and purpose of the association is to promote sustainable regional development in South Tyrol and mainly in the area of the Pustertal Valley. In consideration of the EU regulation 1303/2013 in particular the article 34, local strategies will be developed and implemented in cooperation with the local community and local organizations.

To achieve these goals, the association has taken on the following tasks: 

  1. The participation at regional development initiatives and programs, initiated by the EU, the state, the region or the province.  
  2. Monitoring the implementation of rural development strategies and cross-border cooperation (CLLD-area), as well as the supported activities and the performance of specific assessment activities related to these strategies.
  3. Capacity building of local actors to develop and implement projects and to promote their project management skills.
  4. The engagement of local actors to implement initiatives and projects: 
    a) To promote competitiveness and balanced economic development in general, and to increase the added value of regional products, to promote economic diversification, to promote SMEs and to develop regional research and development initiatives.
    b) To protect natural and landscape resources and improve the environmental quality in general, to maintain the balance of natural and cultural landscapes, to achieve a higher level of CO2 neutrality and to develop risk management and the adaption to climate change in particular. 
    c) To use and develop the regional cultural potential in general, to value cultural diversity and to promote the regional identity and the roots of traditional and modern cultural characteristics and works in particular. 
    d) To promote inclusion and solidarity in general and to improve the quality of life and local supplies in the villages, as well as to create prospects for the youth and disadvantaged groups in society. 
    e) To promote innovation.
    f) To strengthen cooperation and networks.   
  5. The Local Action Group may be a beneficiary of funding projects and may implement projects in accordance with the local development strategy.
  6. Moreover, the association carries out other activities like building, buying, selling, renting or leasing movables and real estates, which are directly or indirectly conducive or useful for the purpose.
  7. The association may also co-operate with other associations or organizations which follow the same objectives. Together they may carry out projects as well as secondary commercial or professional activities within the regulation of the ministerial Decree No 25 of 25 May 1995.